Here at Widgerwood we have all three colours, some of our blacks carry the yellow gene, others carry the chocolate gene, we also have our chocolates they do not carry the yellow gene.
We breed from our girls only when we wish to continue our lines or take a new baby in the ring. 

All our Labradors are bred for their temperament good looks, intelligence and soundness.  
 All of which fit the breed standards.
They also fit in with loving family homes.

All our puppies that are sold carry breeding/export restrictions, These can be lifted at our discretion, we like to have contact with our puppy buyers and are here to help and advise them, we have over 35 years experience in showing and breeding our dogs. 

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This is the Original site we update ourselves , all pictures on this site have been given to us by our friends. we take a lot of time with our website as with our dogs, each dog has music on their page to match their name, or something that is special to us, we have now got the link working to chrome,  i think that makes us original..... 

We are unique

All our dogs are hip scored eye tested under the Kennel Club /BVA                                                       schemes ,  They are all microchipped , 
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My baby still with me in spirit and mind, and through our other dogs, and puppies,  sadly taken from us just after christmas 2010, she defeated all the odds and travelled all that way to our new home with us.  This picture was taken on the 27th of December 2010 2 days before we lost her.